Fountain of Fear
Where your darkest fears come true

Our History

We started this endeavor back in 2008 in boise idaho. it started out as just a little porch haunt with a few props. every year we kept building up our creepy collection of props and out doing ourselves. We moved the haunt to richmond va and went bigger. 

When we moved to wonderful colorado we wanted to out do ourselves again so we teamed up with antero apartments and they generously gave us the use of their amenity center. every year we grow and add new fears so you will not get the same scare year after year, we want to keep you guessing as to what new fear we will pull from your worst nightmares.

dont think just because we are housed in an apartment complex that you will not be scared, we will scare you. this haunt is not for faint of heart so come and be scared .we dare you to come face your fear

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Don-Manager/Builder Podcast Host

Tabs-Spider Queen/Face of many horrors